Boosting performance by generating strong business models


Pain points

  • The current business model doesn’t take off in terms of revenues and growth.
  • New players are disrupting the industry with innovative products or business models.
  • There is a need to reinvent ourselves and find new sources of revenues to be ahead of the competition.
  • There is a need to break the silos between the different departments / knowledgeable people to generate more value and more ideas within the company.



  • Create the winning business model to launch an innovative product.
  • Establish a new business model for an “old”’ industry.
  • Bring changes in economy and society through an innovative business model.
  • Find the right business model to bring the service / product to market without a formal business education of the team.
  • Get a global picture of a company's profitability “machinery” with a dynamic and co creative approach and well proven tools from @Strategyzer.


Steps & Milestones

  • Brainstorming on new ideas with a selected team.
  • Work by stream on each step of the Strategyzer® business model generation.
  • Deep understand each of the 9 blocks of the Strategyzer business model canvas (Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partnerships, Revenue Streams, Key Costs).
  • Generation of Quantity : production of several sets of business model canvas.
  • Generation of Quality : picking up the most robust designed ones on the basis of 7 selective criteria.
  • Comparison with and learning from leaders’ strong business models.
  • Applying external forces to test the robustness of the business model.

Results & Value created

  • Envision your company’s value generation with a quick and visual tool.
  • Replace your outdated business model to gain a competitive edge towards competition.
  • Address unsatisfied customer needs by building new business around them, profitable for your company.
  • Emulate, motivate and innovate more within your company.