Our team needs to master business plan crafting


Pain points

  • The original business plan is outdated and doesn’t reflect our strategy anymore.
  • We need funding, investors, new partners who want a clear plan and a written document.
  • We have a need to reinvent our strategy and to break the silos across the different departments and knowledgeable people.
  • We are looking for talented people but struggling to hire.



  • Value creation process by assembling knowledge across all the business functions.
  • Keep your strategic focus as you deal with day-to-day issues.
  • Reshuffle the strategy to better reach your markets and find new clients.
  • Enforce goals and tactics to develop the business at short, medium and long term.
  • Deliver the business plan fit to audience (bankers, partners or exec team).


Steps & Milestones

  • Guide on each of the 8 business plan parts. (Executive summary, Venture’s history, Business overview,Product or service, Marketing and sales strategy, Operational details, Risks, Financial forecasts / funding needed) with written guidelines.
  • Assertive feedback on written document.
  • The executive summary being seen at the end, is especially worked out.
  • Comparison with best templates and meaningful examples.

Results & Value created

  • You are challenged by our experts in your assumptions, consistency and clarity.
  • Focus on what the business really need to grow with tangible and factual data, research and experimentation mix.
  • Plan the adequate resources for clear defined goals instead of wasting resources in the wrong direction.
  • Be able to speak to your audience in their language and bring them on board.