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The power of AN ACTIONABLE solution

« We believe in love at first {SITE}. It is a reality. It works. » - Coralie Rocque

Your website is the extension of your practice & your physical presence. It allows patients who need you to know you in detail & to be reassured before they even meet you in a (video)consultation. You’d better draw your self-portrait before others do it with their clumsy or wrong words! This is the wisest way to establish your credibility.

But we get you, building a website can be a time-consuming hassle & is therefore never your priority, even if you need it to reach out to your new patients. Our strategic solution for therapists is the shortcut you’ve been dreaming of: efficient, fast & affordable.

We make your website project seamless: all you have to do is trust the result-driven process. We commit ourselves to putting your website online within 48 hours once its content is produced. You will then be the proud owner of a showcase website with a high quality design & a clear positioning, which will establish your credibility & can evolve with the seasons.

Too good to be true?

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« Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. » - Marty Neumeier

Your current & future patients choose you for your expertise, your reputation & your professional personality. They need to trust you as a catalyst for change.

Today, whether you accept it or not, all paramedical professionals need to work on their professional brand to reassure their potential new patients. Our world is indeed becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of branding, marketing, aesthetic research & messaging.

All niche experts must have a voice, values & specific promises. So must you. This is THE way to turn expertise into a thriving business & increase your professional impact. Your website is in charge of conveying your promises & allowing those who seek you out to make an informed decision to move forward with you on their life & healing journey.

Your website will also allow you to share articles, reading excerpts, reflections, online conferences, special events, to automate the booking of appointments or discovery sessions, to better know who comes to meet you etc…

A real business booster that brings value to all parties in a few clicks & winks. No bragging, just professionalism!

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« The difference between an expense and an investment is measured by how much the money you spend translates into incremental revenue. » - Aurelie Becat

Our strategic website is affordable: reasonable price, limited time investment, impactful results. Count on Incubator Studio to help you reach more patients & make more money. We indeed invested upfront on our side to help you save resources, boost your efficiency & ease your way to results with our strategic tools & expertise.

We have studied business positioning & branding with international experts for years & have analysed hundreds of websites & brand of professionals who, like you, dedicate their careers to improving the balance & well-being of their patients. Based on this, we designed a top notch website that gathers the essentials you need to share to establish your authority, help transform more lives & better earn your own.

Thanks to our strategic vision, our structured & result-driven method, our eye for detail, we set the quality standard as high as our clients need it to be. We are iron hands in velvet gloves. Trust us to be strategic, fast & sharp. We’ll make sure you are:

  • proud of your website,
  • aligned with its design,
  • owning and embodying the core message it conveys,
  • at ease with turning it into an actionable business tool,
  • ready to focus on making money to pay it back.

We are business partners of small & medium size businesses, of high achievers, of serious professionals. All of them need to nail it, straight away. An expense is wasted money; an investment generates money. Be wise to rise.

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1 700€

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We are not robots. We are real branding strategists + graphic & web design experts. On a mission to boost small businesses thanks to our expertise & methodologies that work for good.

We start every new collaboration with a kick off video call booked by the client, in order to make sure everything is crystal clear: where we start, the steps we take & where we’re headed to in order to ensure optimal results. Then, we use the collaborative project management tool Trello, which makes everything easy & clear on top of enabling direct contact & quick interaction at any time of the day & night.

Even if you’re not a geek, the completion of your website will be enjoyable. We take all the technical aspects on us. You focus on putting the content (copy & images) together.

We guide you page by page & tell you exactly the input you need to provide us with in order to nail it, so you just need to think within a strategically thought of structure. Our extensive analysis of existing consultants & coaches websites, strategies & needs, combined with our positioning, branding, digital marketing & web design expertise, ease a lot your copywriting task.

No worries, it’s on us, we’re branding & marketing strategists. Just trust the process & rely on experts. We’ll tell you what you need to do, know & understand in order to nail it.

After the delivery of your website, you will make use of our training video in order to be able to secure, update & maintain your website with ease, add blog posts, change text & images etc. We’ve made it easy for you. If it’s really not your thing & want us to serve you further, we can of course offer webmaster services.

This website is designed to increase your authority & visibility on your market & in turn, propel your business. Take it as a serious opportunity giver, a true business booster. If professional websites work for other businesses, it will work for yours.

We are a boutique branding & digital marketing agency for small & medium size businesses with high ambitions. Our coaching-based approach to consulting & structured methodology on each of the modules of our core expertise, ensure we take your business to where it deserves to be. If you trust us to brand your business, you will experience what collaborating for success means.


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