Small & Medium Enterprises

We define SMEs as established businesses with a reputation in their niche, loyal & satisfied clients & still quite some untapped potential, with typically 10 to 250 full time equivalent employees. 

At their stage of maturity in business, SMEs feel the urge to strengthen their market position, professionalize their marketing, establish repeatable processes, automate some communication activities, improve or systematize the performance of their sales people.

We collaborate with SMEs that have been hurt by crises or waves, as well as with successful ones that need to accelerate, sell more, sell better, increase their impact, reposition their brand(s) or product(s), redesign or enrich their brand, equip their sales force, build a new website, intensify their communication.

LET US [re] BRAND your business,
generate brand traction
& enable sales acceleration.


 Let’s have a strategic call to see how we can collaborate to help you sell more & better thanks to a sharp business [re]positioning, 3-year brand strategy, revamped visual identity, new website, social media strategy or direct sales strategy.