Your business needs a website? Hold on for a minute!

Are you about to start a new business, launch a new one or turn your existing one around? Does this require a (new) website? Hold on and take the time to think carefully. We detailed for you the 5 essential questions to ask yourself before embarking on this journey.
Table of Contents

1/ Who is your website audience?

Defining your target audience allows you to tailor your website’s structure, content and tone of voice to meet your customers’ needs. Doing this upfront will enable you to work with the end goal in mind and be efficient. Remember that on line, you have very little time to convince: it’s therefore necessary to aim right from the beginning.

2/ What are your business goals?

You have to be very clear about the business goals you want to reach by having this website, and therefore before designing it. For what precise purposes do you need to create this new website?

  • Visibility ?
  • Selling things ?
  • Writing about your passions ?
  • Showing what you do ?
  • Presenting and offer a service ?
  • Building awareness ?
  • Showcasing your products ?
  • Developing an online sales service ?
  • Decreasing the number of phone calls and/or requests for information ?
  • Redirecting visitors to other websites ?
  • Expanding your sales abroad ?
  • Telling your story and know-how ?
  • Solving a problem immediately ?
  • Building an audience ?
  • Connecting with your existing audience ?
  • Spoiling you loyal customers ?
  • Gathering people for an event ?


There are plenty of valid reasons to feel the urge to create a website. Choosing one single objective will allow you to produce a website that will achieve it.

3/ Which features do you need?

Now, which actions should your website trigger? Strategize on your goals!

  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Site in several languages
  • Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Appointment booking
  • Contact form
  • Survey
  • Event management
  • Audio file
  • Documents to download
  • User tracking tool
  • SEO tool


Prioritizing 3 main actions to technically define your needs will allow you to organize your website and guide your visitors.

You want to sell a product internationally. You will therefore need a multilingual website that allows you to manage several languages and an online shop with a secure online payment system.

4/ Who are your competitors?

Do not start designing your own business’ website before you have taken the time to dig deep into your competitors’ ones. What do their websites look like? What do they inspire you? Are they impactful? Is the navigation smooth? Are the messages clear?

Can you list ten of those websites in an excel document and write in detail what you observe (like or dislike) about their structure, image, copy, features, tone of voice…?

Analyzing your competitors’ websites will enable you to position yourself and stand out with more accuracy.

5/ What are your business resources?

Reflecting on your available resources will ease your choice between various solutions available on the market.

  • What are your web design skills ?
  • What is your budget ?
  • How much time do you have ?
  • What is your deadline?
  • What do you need to learn on the journey?
  • Who will manage the website once online?


Do not underestimate the potential pitfalls and waste of energy if you do not treat your new website design as a business project!

In conclusion, if you have no knowledge in web design or have never created a website before, the best is to be accompanied by an experienced provider who has efficient processes, will carry out installations and technical maintenance, train you, advise and guide you.

In order to save valuable time and reach the expected goal within a reasonable timeframe without messing up on the rest of your business duties, reach out to us for an introductory call. Even if outsourcing your website’s creation to a professional will cost you money, you will gain in time, quality and performance. See it as a wise investment, not as an expense. We strongly advise you to schedule a video call with our Art Director Coralie Rocque and explain to her what you really want. Together, you will find a solution that increases your business’ results.

To your success!

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