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We designed & built a boutique consultancy that supports the go-to-market & growth of solo’preneurs, duo’preneurs & start’ups. Incubator Studio increases small companies’ authority, reach, traction, impact, success & profits.

Aurelie Becat Coralie Rocque

Dream team

We live our purpose, stand up for our clients & are powered by their success.



We are on a mission to create a virtuous economic impact in the ecosystem of small businesses.


We work with companies & entrepreneurs whose values are aligned with ours.


We don't sell what companies don't need.


We provide very detailed quotes that explain exactly what the projects will consist of & the deliverables the clients will get.


We offer personalised one-on-one support to ensure the recommendations are actually implemented.


We say what we think rather than what pleases the clients or what they want to hear.


Everything we create is actionable & readily usable.


We put an end to collaborations if we feel they contribute to a waste of resources.


Professionals who work with us learn & develop multi-faceted business skills.


No client is obliged to keep using our services once the project we are working on is completed. Everything we have done belongs to them.


Black & yellow icon of the visual identity of Incubator studio to illustrate "authenticity"


We show transparency, support & positivity in the way we serve our clients & communities, who in return place their trust in us. We do not fail to keep our promises because we know what we stand for.
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Building & improving businesses is relentlessly demanding & not compatible with mediocrity. We believe in our clients more than they can even believe in themselves.
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No excuses

We live by the principle: “if it's meant to be, it's up to me”. We are determined & driven doers who do whatever it takes to live by our principles & turn businesses around.
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We build partnerships for success with our clients & firmly believe in co-growth. As accountability partners, we ensure our clients make decisions & stick to their commitments on their journey towards results.
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Independent thinking

We don’t tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear, because it’s the only way to create visions that deliver results.
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Beauty inside out

We are convinced that beauty efficiently serves profitability, while making the [business] world a softer & more enjoyable place. Beauty inside out is not overrated.

On a mission 

Incubator Studio’s vision is to create wealth within a strong ecosystem of small size enterprises, which is the future of our economies.

We are on a mission to [re] position & [re] brand small  businesses for accelerated growth & sustainable success.

We are a boutique go-to-market & growth agency for small size businesses with high ambitions.

Rely on experts

Are you starting up, starting out, starting over? Tell us where you are, we determine where to go & together, we take the business acceleration road to success.

We commit to turning your business around, from dreaming to scoring, from ideas to brands, from strategies to plans, from uncertain to deliberate, from complexity to clarity, from procrastination to action, from stress to success, from hocus pocus to focus, from catapults to results, from doubtful to impactful, from chance to change, from learning to earning, from unknown to unforgettable, from doing good to doing great.

We optimize time efficiency, deliver powerful shortcuts & master project management. We have a close network of niche experts with whom we parter up seamlessly on some projects deliveries.

Rely on us to increase your exposure & create the influential echo-chamber you’ve been trying to build from the very start of your business.

We are iron hands in velvet gloves

We sell results. Our coaching-based approach to business consulting & structured methodology on each of the modules of our core expertise, ensure we take your business to where it deserves to be. This is how we collaborate for success:


We decided to share with you the genesis of our studio’s brand creation in order to illustrate what matters when building a brand, after having established its strong positioning.

Coralie Rocque

Art Director & Web Identity Designer

Coralie truly believes that beauty serves success. That makes her a business-oriented creative, who knows how to produce intelligent design that benefits the growth of businesses. She translates businesses’ positioning & brand strategies into impactful visual identities & premium websites. She is the dream partner of brands who are unknown & want to become unforgettable.

She graduated in Paris from both the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in textile design & the École Multimédia in multimedia graphics. After working in a parisian e-retail agency as a Communication Manager & Multimedia Graphic Designer, which equipped her with a full-scope vision, she moved to Amsterdam. Since 2015, she’s been creating  visual existence through graphic & web design for entrepreneurial projects led by business owners who want to have a positive impact on the world.

With Incubator Studio, she added startups & SMEs to her portfolio of happy clients.

Fun facts :

Portrait de Coralie Rocque, directrice artistique, webdesign & fondatrice d'Incubator Studio.
portrait photo of Aurélie Bécat from Incubator Studio marketing consultant coach business positioning SME entrepreneur

Aurélie Bécat

Positioning Strategist & Brand Therapist

Aurelie’s mission is to decrease poverty thanks to business education, entrepreneurship & expertise transfer. Aurelie is a serial entrepreneur with a corporate background, who believes in collaboration & cooperation more than in competition to create value for all parties. Born & raised in Paris, well travelled & settled in Amsterdam, she thrives in international environments where personality, drive, boldness & resilience matter more than cultural codes & degrees.

She is a visionary & creative right brainer, a risk-taker who sees opportunities & full pictures & creates frames to catch the dreams before they slip away. She is a true believer that opportunities do not vanish, but just go to somebody else, a doer, an achiever – because the economy needs them. She is a born leader, a personable individual, a solution finder, a humanist, a positive yet cautious thinker.

Negotiation, mentoring, museum tours, psychology, art & design, travel, public speaking, philosophy, spirituality & LED Light Therapy, keep her happy.

Fun facts :

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Museum Nasional, Jakarta
Blanquette de veau
The Bible
Reality by Lost Frequencies
Amélie Poulain
Led Light Therapy
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Penvins, Brittany
French fries
La Passe-miroir by Christelle Dabos
This Modern Love by Bloc Party
Frances Ha
Walking in nature

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