Public speaking that serves business growth


Pain points

  • Our Marketing Manager was offered a 45 minutes speaking slot in a major business fair, but he never delivered a speech on stage and we do not have the skill to support him internally.



  • Co-craft a story that reaches the heads and touches the hearts.
  • Co-design an impactful slides pack.
  • Practice towards owning the stage with confidence.


Steps & Milestones

  • Identification of the audience’s main profiles, their interests and needs.
  • Identification of the most important business objective that can be served by the stage.
  • Public speaking training to nail the oral delivery of the message.

Results & Value created

  • Self-confidence boost to pitch with ease on stage and in business networking environments.
  • Generation of multiple online and offline contacts and business meetings on the fair.
  • Re-usable clear and concise message to serve the sales growth.