Towards a more profitable business line


Pain points

  • Our B2B offer is confusing and not selling well.
  • B2B line is where we have the highest margins and need to grow.



  • Create a ready-to-sell packaged B2B offer.
  • Craft sales messages.
  • Design the online and offline sales support.


Steps & Milestones

  • Definition of the B2B line positioning based on market analysis, identification of the offer’s USPs, benchmark and internal capabilities.
  • Definition of a clear pricing matching detailed offers.
  • Creation of the message to convey in words and images.

Results & Value created

  • Selling the B2B offer is now straightforward, backed by an updated website, a brochure, facts sheets to email to the prospects and sales scripts.
  • Sales can be achieved by more team members, even at the entry level ; their training is made easy.
  • The reputation and perception of the expertise of the business is increased, which leads today to a turnover increase and tomorrow to a price and margin increase.