The effects of a [non]branded business


Pain points

  • Our brand is unknown.
  • We need a strong and unforgettable brand to add value to our company.
  • We want to sell more.



  • Create a brand story, message and personality that match the existing but not successful enough non-branded business.
  • Design a complete brand identity for an external relaunch.
  • Make the brand attractive for investors to take over the company on the medium term.


Steps & Milestones

  • Complete synopsis of the brand story and success, and its projection in the future.
  • Intellectual design of the boldest brand that matches the existing and projected business.
  • Translation of the words into a complete graphic identity.

Results & Value created

  • Increased ease to sell with pride to the right clients.
  • Unprecedented sales success 2 months after the completion of the project.
  • Creation of an additional brand on the high end segment with higher margins.