One brand, one team


Pain points

  • Our management team is not aligned.
  • We need the expertise and intervention of a neutral brand strategist to help us align once for good.



  • Speak as one team instead as a collection of experts.
  • Create a consistent and recognizable brand that can last.
  • Become attractive for niche experts to join the consultancy.


Steps & Milestones

  • Individual work on business synopsis and projection, perceived roadblocks and recurring pain points.
  • Team definition of the unique offer for the ideal clients with a strong and detailed positioning.
  • Crafting of the business’ short and long pitches based on the company's brand story, features, values, vision, mission and USPs.

Results & Value created

  • Many decisions having been taken collectively, end of costly and frustrating team meetings and discussions. The direction is set for good.
  • Existing team reinforced, using one voice to spread one message.
  • Addition of 5 partners to the team in the following 6 months.