Coachulting®: our favourite made-up word

At the intersection of business coaching & consulting lies the powerful coachulting® of Incubator Studio.

Coachulting® rules!

Ok, we can hear you thinking. Right now you are thinking ‘Huh? What is this “coachulting®” word they are using? How can I take these people seriously if they can’t even use real words? How could I consider using a branding agency for my copywriting if they use words that do not exist?”

Stick with us, because we are about to explain what coachulting® is & why you need to leverage it for the sake of your business right now.


First of all – let’s talk through coaching. Coaching is defined as a form of development in which a certified person, called a coach, supports a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing personalized questioning & constructive feedback, but generally no advice. The coach improves the individuals in their position of business leader or team manager by supporting, motivating & guiding professionals to unlock their potential.


Next, we have consulting. This is ‘the business of giving expert advice to other professionals’. The consultant is an expert with a business focus who crafts strategic or operational solutions he recommends & advises to implement, in order to optimize the overall business of his client & its bottom line.


Then there is what we do – coachulting®, this word that does not exist but that we genuinely own in the sense that it is tailor-made by & for us.

That rare combination of consultant & coach, strategist & mentor all rolled into one tidy package. The day we start collaborating, we aren’t going to tell you or your team what they want to hear – we are going to say what they need to hear, when it comes to the business, the brand, the founders & the processes. In doing so, we take your business from where it is… to where it deserves to be. How do we achieve this? We are so glad you asked!

We achieve this in 5 very clear steps which are fully outlined here:

  • Brand Strategy – we position your business
  • Brand Design – we design your brand
  • Web Design – we build your website
  • Digital Growth Activation – we accelerate your sales
  • Daily Productivity Optimisation – we simplify & automate your workflow

Leveraging these five elements for our clients who rely on us as experts & TRUST THE PROCESS, means we turn small businesses & their founders around. Our structured methodology, written processes & one-on-one focus ensure the sustainability of our client’s business growth & the happiness of our clients in their seat of business owner.

If you prefer videos to written texts, we invite you to watch the below video that gives the precise definition of coachulting® by Incubator Studio.

Coachulting® is an investment, not an expense.

Don’t you think that, regardless of the season you’re in, your business could do with a radical spring-clean to get it sparkling new & in great shape for the rest of the year? Let us take your business where it deserves to be. Remember, the boldest businesses hire the toughest coachultants!

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