Strengthen your business roots 

The step-by-step guided reflection to help you identify your unique personal & business why.

Many of us come across the following questions at some point of our professional lives:

  • What could make me a great(er) professional?
  • How come my expertise doesn’t translate into rewarding revenues?


& as we gradually dig deeper, they turn into:

  • What is my vision?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • Why do people choose me?


In the whitebook below, we guide you step by step to find the answer to these fundamental questions & help you explore what makes you a sustainably unique, happy, high-impact, aligned & successful entrepreneur.

Welcome on your journey to IKIGAI / ⽣ き 甲 斐 with Incubator Studio, which will help you discover:

  • Your reason for living;
  • Your purpose in life;
  • Your personal mission;


Keep in mind that this concept of ikigai can help you live a more harmonious personal & professional life. Who is against that?

Mockup of a ikigai workbook written & designed by Incubator Studio

If you have made a discovery or want to share an existential question with us, we are here for you. We’ll ensure this reflection of yourself strenghtens your small business’ roots.

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le samedi 13 juillet 2024 à Paris


Une journée d’introspection transformationnelle pour :

  • vous [re]connecter à vos tripes & à votre essence personnelle,
  • [re]explorer votre raison d’être personnelle,
  • [re]travailler sur votre marque personnelle (personal branding) en tant qu’entrepreneur débutant ou avancé.


À toute saison de votre parcours entrepreneurial, le socle & le souffle vital de votre entreprise, c’est bien vous, qui êtes ses racines, son tronc & sa source.

Le branding d’une entreprise est existentiel & prend racine dans les tripes de l’entrepreneur. (traduction : le branding, ce n’est pas un logo).


Vous repartirez de cette journée avec une marque personnelle claire, construite & au service de votre vie d’entrepreneur sans contorsion, comme au service de votre entreprise.