Who do we collaborate with?

Why we choose the clients we do & what we offer them...

We work with very varied clients industry-wise, none of them huge in size. This is a choice we have made since Day 1, because it’s where we know we feel happy, alive & kicking, where we can offer our best expertise & where we are the sharpest. Maybe not where the margins are the highest, but right the ecosystem where we want to contribute.

Smaller businesses need solutions. They need people they can rely on to deliver those solutions quickly & for those solutions to be ACTIONABLE (= clear, structured, easily put in place & efficient). Above all, they need to be AFFORDABLE. We get a bit of a kick working with clients like this – it’s like working on a puzzle, with that satisfying moment when everything clicks together after having put our best collaborative effort. 

Creating the right package for the specific needs of each of our clients, be they solopreneurs, startups or SMEs, so they get the results they deserve? That’s been our happy place for nearly 4 years!


We define solopreneurs as business professionals who work on their own as entrepreneurs. We know that these people come from varied backgrounds – some have turned their expertise & skills into a new venture, some have quit the corporate world because they wanted to align their personal & professional ‘why’ better with a purposeful business, & some are taking a risk, launching a project they have been secretly developing for years. Some are new to the entrepreneurial world, some are mature serial-entrepreneurs.

What they all have in common is that they all need the guidance of experts so they can focus on their actual business. Working with solopreneurs presses all our buttons – it’s business positioning, brand strategy, creating a visual identity, building websites, creating direct or indirect sales strategies & automating the daily tasks for individuals who are as passionate & as driven by what they do, as we are. We love it. You can see the kind of support we offer solopreneurs here.

Here are some random examples of solopreneurs we’ve served.


We define a start-up as a team of founders with a wide network, contractors & most often with no full-time employees yet. We collaborate with start-ups which are ready to launch or enter a new market. We also collaborate with funded startups which have already found their business model, also called scale-ups, but might still be far from being profitable. This means that they need to accelerate, sell more & better, enter new markets. How do we help them do that? 

By refining their positioning, fine-tuning or enriching their branding, building fit-for-growth refined versions of their websites, structuring their direct sales activity & sharpening their communication or integrating tools to their digital activities.

Brand traction is key there – to put it simply, we [re]brand start-ups & scale-ups, so they can sell more, better, quicker, smarter. And it works. Here are some random examples of startups we’ve served.


We define SMEs as established businesses with loyal, satisfied clients, employees &… still quite some untapped potential. Helping them take control of that untapped potential is the fun part, & not coincidentally at all – where we step in! We help them accelerate, sell more, sell better & increase their impact through business [re]positioning or positioning adaptation to enter a new market, 3-year brand strategies, revamped visual identities & spot projects. Is your SME ready to grow? Look here.

Here are some random examples of SMEs we’ve served.

That’s it for today, you now know who we help grow wiser, dust everything off & let the sunlight stream over everything. (We are the sunshine, yes! 😎). At whatever business stage, there’s always A LOT to be achieved, A LOT of potential. “Just” make it happen!

Together, let’s build a better world one project at a time.

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