Golden traction


Pain points

  • We need to create traction in order to find investors.
  • We do not manage to find paying clients.
  • We have the best service but it’s hard to get the message across to our target segments.



  • Refine a sexy and fit-for-growth offer, adapted to the targeted clients.
  • Enable the contract signature with the first three B2B clients.
  • Craft the structure and basis of an investors’ pitch.


Steps & Milestones

  • Re-positioning of the offer, structural work on the avatars, redefinition of the sources of income.
  • Establishment of a partnership strategy to accelerate the end-user acquisition.
  • Framing up and completion of a test process with 3 non-paying individual and business clients.

Results & Value created

  • Re-alignment of a boosted team eventually ready to take off.
  • First 17 B2C clients and 7 B2B clients 7 weeks after the completion of the project.
  • Ease to deploy an external communication campaign based on the re-positioning work done as a team.