The impact of pets on professional happiness

More & more companies allow their employees to come to work accompanied by their pet. The pandemic has emphasized people’s need to become pet owners. Guess why ? These small creatures impact personal lives as well as professional lives positively!

Over the last couple of years, pet-friendly workplaces have become more common across the globe. Large companies (Google, Etsy…) as well as co-working spaces (MindspaceWeWork…) or startups (JooneFinaeo …) allow their employees to bring their pet at work (whenever employees themselves are allowed at the office, hello covid!).

Recent studies have indeed proven the benefits of a pet-friendly environment for employees & employers. According to a Wamiz study in France about pets at work, 8 out of 10 employees say that animals in the office have a positive impact on their work. 17% of employees feel more efficient & productive, 60% see a reduction in stress.

The presence of pets doesn’t only improve happiness in professional life & increases results, but it also improves the bonds between the co-workers themselves & with their employer.

Once upon a time, pets at the office

Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming more common. This development is encouraged by many studies that show real benefits brought by pets.

Indeed, an office worker who brings his pet to his workplace will feel less stressed. Pets are known to be stress relievers. Are you having a tough day because of an important meeting or deadline, or are you overwhelmed by the intensity of your day? Having the opportunity to play with, cuddle or walk your pet will make you feel less stress, it will enable you to refresh & clear your mind.

Moreover, the presence of pets increases productivity! No more need to be home early to walk, feed or take care of your pet. Having your pet at work will enable you to be more focused on your work & as well to get the chance to stay a little bit longer at work to finish some tasks for example.

In addition, people who have the chance to bring their pet at work, have to take short breaks all along the day, which actually improves focus & cuts down the distractions. By nature, a human can’t focus on the same task for more than 50 minutes. To be performant, the idea would therefore be to take short breaks throughout the day. Therefore, your pet needs will be your best productivity ally.

Last but not least, co-working with your pet could well improve your health. Instead of staying on your chair all day, you will need to walk your dog & thus, have the chance to exercise during short breaks. Going for regular walks has been proven to have many benefits on mental & physical health.

Less stress, better health, more productivity & happiness. What else? These littles creatures are your best co-workers. They could even help you become a high achiever! But not only that… now that remote work remotely has become more standardised, having a pet at home while working can be a blessing!


In the corona-era, pets at the home-office

In the last year, the pandemic has forced the entire world to reconsider the use of collective work places. Working from home has become common, but many are those who experience it can be really tough at times. Pet owners resist this imposed loneliness better because their pet stays next to them, supports them & keeps them happy.

By working remotely, one can very quickly feel isolated. Having your pet by your side will help you fight this feeling of loneliness. The Human-Animal Bond Research Institute has proven that owning a pet reduces stress or anxiety. Animals never fail in cheering their best friend up. Trust us, their goofy antics are perfect to make you laugh & reduce your stress! Working from home will increase considerably the time spent with your pet & so improve your relationship with your pet. More time petting, playing & walking outside will make you both happier. We’ve never seen that many dogs in the streets & parks!

As mentioned above, you will have to plan short breaks all through the day in order to take care of your pet or walk him. A good reason to get up & move around! These short breaks will improve your health as well as your focus & productivity, by giving you a boost of energy for your following task.

From boosting your mood & improving your activity level, to helping you focus while working from home alongside, your pet(s) can make each of your days brighter. But your pet(s) don’t “just” have a positive impact on yourself & your output, it will really (& more than anything else) improve your overall working environment.


Overall, pets in a professional environment

We just listed how many benefits there are for pet-owners to include their furry friends in their work day routine, at the workplace or at home. The last benefit we want to talk about here is how your pet can positively change your relationships with your workmates & employers.

Employees who are allowed to bring their pet at work & therefore feel more balanced, are grateful towards their employer for offering this solution that improves their personal & professional development. The mental condition of the employee is strengthened, he is in turn more committed to his work & sees an improvement of his relationship with his colleagues & boss. According to the study of the Nationwide Pet Insurance, 90% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces feel highly connected to their company’s mission, are fully engaged with their work & are willing to recommend their employer to others.

We guess you will relate if we state that your pet helps you to improve your cooperation or conversation with various stakeholders in your professional life. Talking about your animal creates connections with people. Someone stopping at your desk to cuddle your pet will spontaneously initiate a conversation. Even during an online meeting, talking about the last funny thing your pet did, will relax the atmosphere & create interactions. Having the opportunity to know more your co-workers will create powerful bonds & change the nature of the work cooperation. Better communication leads to more trust: a key for a successful work environment!


Being a pet owner is proven to have many advantages on professional overall well-being & satisfaction. Having the opportunity to include your pet(s) in your daily professional life is a game changer. These small creatures make you feel better & help improve your health, productivity, work environment, professional relationships – especially in this period where one can quickly feel lonely. These little cuties will always be there to cheer you up & make up for the drastic reduction of social interactions.

Have you experienced the positive impact of your pet on your professional life? Tell us more about it at welcome@incubator.studio & let us know if we can have a 15-minute chat, we’re doing research on the topic. We can’t wait to gather your testimonials!

Aurélie & Coralie


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