Train, manage & grow

SERVING YOUR CUSTOMERS - Are You Spending Enough?

Last March, we decided to hire a new trainee. From the first email she sent us to the conduct of her internship, it was a challenging & instructive journey. But it is always gratifying to be able to help the development of motivated young people.

[we] Take care of you[r business]

At Incubator Studio, we want to make sure that every health & well-being expert can increase his/her impact & become a reference in order to help the greatest number of people who need his/her services/products.

Work smarter, enjoy more family time!

Families surely look different than they did thousands of years ago, but they are as equally important as they were then. They are our everything, aren’t they?

The impact of pets on professional happiness

Coralie Rocque Maya her cat in front laptop

More & more companies allow their employees to come to work accompanied by their pet. The pandemic has emphasized people’s need to become pet owners. Guess why ? These small creatures impact personal lives as well as professional lives positively!

Valuable business values

People do business with people. In crowded markets, working by clearly identified & communicated professional values enables your company to stand out.

[Y]our core beliefs

On which pillars is our house built? On which ones will yours be? What if you strengthened your base to become more resilient?