Awareness, decision making & resilience

Each of us has the power to take part in building a better world. It just starts with individual decisions that will eventually provoke changes.

On July 3rd, it was International Plastic Bag Free Day. A day of awareness, among others, to remind us that we are on duty to ensure a bright future for the next generations…

Each of us has all the power to take part in building a better world. It just starts with individual decisions & it is up to us to take simple decisions that will provoke changes.

Start somewhere, but start!

We are well aware that plastic bags are convenient, but have a really negative impact on the environment. There are many convenient items that we use in our daily lives, but are not environmentally friendly. These convenient items all have an alternative solution, respectful of the environment. Everyone can take the time to think about how to limit their negative impact on the planet, make the decision to implement it & stick to it. Imagine the level of change we could reach if each human being implemented positive & easy actions in their personal as well as professional lives! Guess what? It is possible & it starts with a decision!

At Incubator Studio, we have become accustomed to making smart & quick decisions with a pragmatic scenario case analysis. Each time we need to make (big or small) decisions, we try to imagine what the best case scenario would look like, what the worst case scenario would look like & what is the most likely to happen. It helps us to streamline the decision-making by factually listing the different outcomes of our decision. Decision-making seems difficult to many, but like everything in life, it is something you need to practice to get better at it, to make smarter & quicker decisions.

What would the worst case scenario be if we all decided to live more sustainable lifestyles?

Launch a project in line with & rooted in your values

There are people who grow up with a deep interest for the environment, some who develop it later in their lives & some who will never really care. Environmental awareness is unique to each individual, because it is triggered by a whole ecosystem of factors. Some people are involved to the point that they are really willing to share & educate around the topic in order to increase general awareness. This is the case of the fabulous Naya Nature Foundation.

This year, we had the opportunity to work with Estelle Saeversson, who has been ecology-aware since her early youth. Estelle wanted to launch a project rooted in her values. She started a podcast called “Thinking out of the box with Estelle | climate action tour accelerating your sustainable mind.” It is a window on the world of sustainable development to accelerate ecological awareness, designed to stimulate action & grow together with those who share this vision. Today, thanks to her website, she is able to share her passion & raise awareness about something meaningful for her.

This is the combined power of alignment & action!

Mockup d'identité visuelle complète de client.

Increase your reach & impact

Fighting climate change is considered urgent. It requires flexibility & adaptability. According to a UN report, it will have created 18 million new jobs by 2030.

The world is changing. This requires us to adapt our lifestyles. New jobs are being created. Some skills are in greater demand than ever before. Look at the profile of our client Iblis Le Guen, director of Ma Petite Boîte Verte. She helps municipalities build resilient & inclusive urban eco-systems. Each element of her journey brought her closer to a meaningful professional life. She knew she wanted to work on territorial transitions in the public sector. Her raison d’être, her “why” was crystal clear. We entered her game to structure & boost her business. Working on her business positioning, branding & communication strategy/plan/tools, enabled her to translate her expertise & convictions into a blooming business. Are you ready to increase your impact as well?

Mockup d'un site internet pour client avec la vue responsive

Every decision, even the smallest one, can have a significant impact. Our awareness is powerful to make decisions for the greater good. Each of us is on a journey ; this demanding journey matters more than its destination ; let’s support each other in order not to give up!

At Incubator Studio, we are proud to partner up with driven professionals who do good to the planet & the people. We are grateful to people who implement positive changes & trust us to increase the impact of their project. Are you our next hero?

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