Coachulting® for small businesses

The unique mix we offer, at the junction between branding strategy & business coaching, is an investment rather than an expense.

We have no fish to sell. We teach you how to fish, which species [not] to catch, transfer you the most adapted fishing techniques, practice fishing with you, fix the fish nets & fish for you if you really insist. We measure our success by your miraculous catches repeated over time.

We are coachultants, the rare combination of brand strategy consultants & business coaches. We do not make a habit to tell your team what they want to hear. We tell them what they need to hear. Doing so, we take your business from where it is to where it deserves to be. Do not pick up a business coach that cuddles your team this time, it will not make your business more profitable!

1. Do something unique, or do it uniquely.

All our clients reach out to us with the same question: “How can I sell more? = How can I establish my brand & influence + increase my reach & impact + make more money?” Like us, most of our clients operate in crowded markets. But no player does what they do the way they do it: identifying this uniqueness & deploying it in words, designs, visuals, websites & marketing strategies is our focus. To us, the journey matters as much as the destination. Our reason to be is the increased success & profitability of the companies we serve.

2. We sell the benefits: clear answers, concrete tools, useful new skills, MONETIZABLE PLAN.

Professionals sell the benefits, not the features. So do we. After practising business with Incubator Studio, you are equipped with clear answers, concrete tools & useful new skills. Your business is clearly positioned & can scale up. You can safely keep the foot on the accelerator. It costs money, which is great, because it creates a sense of urgency. You focus on making this money back. In business, what is sold for free actually costs you a lot & what costs money generates much more.

3. Rely on experts. Trust the process.

We decided to sit on the shoulders of giants in order to grow. We can tell you that none of them offer their services for free or have hours to chit-chat. The huge amount of money we spend on being coached by the best of the best in each of our areas of expertise, is definitely not money wasted. We can figure out the return on our investment even before we start collaborating.

We wish you nothing but the same. Rely on our expertise, trust us, follow the flow of our proven methodology, trust the process. You are in good hands.

4. Only a structured methodology, written systems & processes can ensure the sustainability of your BUSINESS growth.

It turns out those free “experts” actually do not make a proper plan, take up a lot of your time (they have no client to serve & therefore do not value time as much as you do), need to be guided & managed, are not as expert as they had claimed to be & eventually under-deliver. This is the soft scenario. You thought you would save money, you end up wasting something of higher value: time -you can’t make up for it. You are back to the point where you had started, with the same problems, that now became really crucial & urgent to solve. In the meantime, they have not asked you the right questions, could not make you find out what you did not know & you still don’t know what you don’t know.  Move from a position of semi-amateur business owner to a 100% professional CEO!

5. Coachulting® is an investment, not an expense.

Successful businesses move quickly. If you’re not ahead of things, you’re already late. On the way, under pressure, because you need to innovate or generate more revenue right now, you seize opportunities that pop out, start random collaborations with so-called experts, friends & acquaintances who do not charge you for their intervention & promise to deliver exactly what you need. “Wow, what a bargain”, you think. Managing your business’s finances matters, but you need a mind shift to comprehend coachulting® as an investment & not as an expense.

6. If you are failing to STRATEGIZE & plan, you are planning to fail.

Results do matter. The way you achieve them matters even more, because you need to be able to repeat your achievements over time & have team members who repeat them for you. The truth is that only a structured methodology, a systematized approach, written systems & processes ensure the sustainability of your growing results. Even in small companies. Do the job once for good towards the right direction, with the adequate approach & the appropriate plan. Only this ensures sustainable growth.

7. RELY ON A STRONG BUSINESS ALLY, the best agency for small enterprises.

Please make sure you keep your friends (of friends) outside of & away from your business. They are more precious in your private life. True friendship is defined by “someone who knows you better than yourself, promotes your happiness, success and prosperity, takes a position in your best interest in case of a crisis, within a long lasting relationship.” If you currently have such business friends, mind you: you will most likely be very disappointed if not scared & scammed at some point. We will not cuddle your business, but will tell you the unretouched truth.

When we’ll not be around any more, you will miss us…

You have a lot on your plate...

We are a one-stop-shop success partner.

You work IN your business...

We work ON your business.

You time is your only currency...

We take flow & speed seriously.

You need a single point of contact...

We rock at project management.

You move forward several paths...

We make your team functional.

You have to create new demand...

We focus on value creation & profit.

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