Refine your “what”

Have you identified WHY you are in business? Right, let’s now reflect on HOW you solve the problems of your ideal clients!

Hello dear reader, we’re happy to share this moment with you again.

“Winter” is definitely here in Amsterdam, with its darkness, humidity & short days. We clearly notice how comfortable it is to live a professional life that we love in order to go through this long season with motivation.

Once again, October has brought us quite a number of great new projects that bring additional light to our daily lives. We are really grateful for that.


We already told you on several occasions that when we started Incubator Studio back in 2018, we really took the time to figure out our why – the specific reason we believed we had something special to bring to this world. In order to jump out of bed with the same feeling of alignment every day, we repeat this exercise of purpose identification every single year, individually & as a team. Yes we do.

The reality is that even if the WHY is the start of the journey, it has to be completed by a serious & methodical reflection on the WHAT. If, like us, you have decided to operate on a crowded market (great news: there IS a market!), then what will be your very own way of operating & solving problems differently?


If the identification of your WHY comforts you in your place, the identification of your WHAT helps you position your business for success. Truth being told, great ideas don’t equal great businesses unless they are strategically turned into priced products & services that can be sold repeatedly to ideal clients by a strong & team that implements a strategy that does not neglect the profitability aspect of the business.

Yes, we are a branding agency but we talk about profits, because we are here to help small companies SELL more, faster, better, more expensive, more recurrently & in order to achieve that, we leverage the power of branding in many of its aspects.

Incubator Studio came to be because we saw too many great business ideas fall by the wayside, simply because the people with the ideas did not have the necessary tools to turn those ideas into strategic thinking & action. We do.

The reflection on sales & predicted profitability should be at the root of every business project, whatever it takes in terms of expertise, tools, outsourcing or processes. It’s not a detail, it’s part of the what.


Once we had realised that success is a process – albeit a very structured one – we were ready to establish the rest of our core beliefs, which you can read more about here.

If success is a process for other businesses, it should also be the case for yours… Our commitment to creating value for the businesses we work with comes down to one golden rule: without a frame & a plan, all efforts are a waste of time & consequently, a waste of money.

Branding is for us, of course, the major asset to establish identity, credibility & earn businesses reputation. Far from being a final detail or touch, your branding is as essential to your business as your original great idea. It makes you stand out from your competition and it keeps you front-of-mind. You can learn more about our current brand strategy offers here. They help our clients strategize to make their business future-proof & plan their growth.

We leverage the power of branding to unleash a business concept out into the world & scale it. Clear. Defined. Formulated. Beautiful. Ready to grow. Branding is definitely more powerful than fluffy.

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